Momac: the bridge to customer engagement


Communication Service Providers are competing with over the top players for mind and wallet share of the customer.  In order to prevail, CSPs must find new ways to engage with their customers to increase satisfaction, interaction, brand awareness, and ultimately loyalty.

Momac drives customer engagement for leading CSPs by providing on-device user interfaces (browser or native OS application based) that connect the CSP with the customer, bridging the technology gap between internal data systems, service offerings, content and customer care. 

Momac’s solutions span the entire range of connected devices, including feature phones, smartphones, tablets, web and TV, allowing CSPs to provide a consistent, engaging, personalised customer experience regardless of device.


A tangible way to immediately improve customer experience directly on-device.

CSPs have identified that in increasingly saturated markets, they must differentiate themselves with regards to customer experience, or else risk having to do so on price. Technical solutions have emerged, offering the CSP a chance to better leverage their data and improve services. Of particular note is the emergence of Subscriber Data Management (SDM) solutions. These solutions significantly enhance the CSP's ability to understand their customer, by providing a single, accessible source of data on each individual subscriber.

Combining these SDM solutions with an intelligent, personalisable, on-device interface provides the CSP with a powerful tool able to transform the customer experience. Momac's intelligent, personalised, on-device interfaces provide the user with a complete 'dashboard' to manage their entire mobile experience, including: Self-care, Self Service, Internet Favourites, Social, Media and E-mail, Content and Application stores, Contextual help and support.


Lower operating costs and increase revenues

Improving customer engagement naturally leads to enhanced loyalty, providing long term stability and profitability for the CSP. Momac’s solutions also provide a more immediate means of reducing OPEX and increasing ARPU.


Momac’s on-device self-service solution allows customers to view and manage their bill, browse and purchase products and services, access personalised, contextual support and generally manage their entire relationship with the CSP. Research has shown that CSP’s adopting a comprehensive on-device self-service solution can reduce inbound care calls by as much as 20%1

(Analysis Mason: Telefónica UK increases customer satisfaction by providing self-service via a smartphone app channel,  23 February 2012)


An on-device self-service interface also presents an ideal channel to cross promote products and services in a highly personalised, contextually relevant manner. Momac’s on-device interfaces are connected to our profiling and analytics tools and present individualized product and service offerings to customer’s taking into account factors such as location, account status, demographic, usage profiles and more.


A cost effective and highly personalised real-time communications channel to engage customers

An on-device interface (via mobile browser or application) provides the perfect channel for CSPs to communicate with, and market to their customers. Regardless of whether the customer is using the interface to for self-service (checking their balance), to look for a new device or tariff, or simply to check what new offers their CSP has, the on-device interface provides a means of communicating on a one-to-one, real-time basis. Instead of sending impersonal text messages, mail, or making intrusive and costly phone calls, CSPs can communicate in a highly individualised, intuitive manner, directly on-device.

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